Our Story

A cookie born from friendship and a certain indescribable yumminess.

Homestead Cookies happened accidentally. After trying one bite of Chris' homemade cookie, Katie immediately had a vision and realized this cookie was something that should be shared with the world. The very next day they met and decided to create a brand that embodied the fun-loving lifestyle that they are devoted to and cherish.

Neither being professional bakers but always know a good thing when they taste it, the two began to refine the recipe at a home kitchen in the Noe Valley neighborhood of San Francisco.  As the cookie made its way into more mouths, Katie and Chris' hunch was confirmed that they had something special. 

Since then, they've become a hit with the Homestead Cookie Cart at local music festivals, private parties and other catered events; deliver orders locally and ship across the country and sell wholesale to cafes and restaurants.